Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inspiration drives me every day...

singer pink - Bing Images
There are so many things that inspire me....especially people who share such a huge creative flare. Pink is my inspiration, reminds me to never change yourself, and dare to be different.
As far as design goes......who doesn't love Sarah Richardson!!!!!

Nate Berkus The 2012 American Ballet Theater Spring...
The one and only.....NATE BERKUS! I'm obsessed. His good looks just add to it all but how can you not be crazy over his outfit?????


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cocktail Party is going to happen

Vintage_furniture : Beige leather upholstery pattern , 3d illustration Stock PhotoI got some amazing stuff today to sell at the "Flea Market for a Night" party!!! Going to start making details so stay tuned!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Take a seat

I never noticed all the different kinds of seating I have around the house until recently. I love all the different textures, patterns, and colors each one of my chairs have. Here are some of my favorite ones in my can never have too much seating : )
My absolute favorite!! Gift from my Mother on our first anniversary.

Found in vintage store for $12. Love the color.


This chair makes me think of Fall.

Love the detail in this one.
 Now, I seriously think I have a chair fetish. : ) Soon, I will have pictures of my house tour for you. Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Flea Market for a Night" cocktail party!!!!

I need everyone's input! I am planning on having a "Flea Market for a Night" cocktail party around the holiday season...which we all know is right around the corner. It would be a night filled with some of the vintage finds I have found myself and selling on behalf of other vendors and bloggers. All items would be available for purchase and would make excellent gifts for the holidays. Please give me your input. I am looking to have it at The Bouwerie in Old Tappan, NJ and 10% of the proceeds going to a local charity. If you would like to donate items or offer wholesale prices on your items...please contact me. A great way for your items to be exposed to a large group of people. 
                                     What would be your ideal cocktail/flea market night?
                                                         Girls only or Men included?

                                                       Cocktail_party : Beautiful female silhouette holding a glass of champagne. Elements are grouped and layered for easy editing.

A Thought for Thursday....

We all need a little reminder every now and then. : )

FALLING in love...

I can't believe it is that time again to watch the leaves fall and feel the temperature change happening. Fall is my favorite time of the year...and being in Nursing's taking away time for my decorating obsession. This weekend I plan on getting out my pumpkin collection and get to fall decorating! Here are some inspiring pics that remind me of fall that I just adore.

Can't wait to have time this weekend to think about Fall! Hope you have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oldies but Goodies

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share two old projects with you that I did a year ago but love how they came out. So easy and one was free!!! I garbage picked this old rocking chair and new it had much potential. I spray painted it with a glossy "fire engine red" and it came out looking brand spanken new!!!

Old railing turned magazine rack. I purchased this from a consignment shop for  $10 and just loved the original  bones of it. I planned on painting it...but there was something like the wood I just loved. I knew if I ever wanted to put it in a different room...the color would always match. So simple and organized : )
Enjoy this beautiful day! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What I love waking up to every day...

Here are some of my favorite things in my bedroom that just make me happy. All of these things add so much character to the room and makes it feel so cozy...
My favorite pillow

Corbel from Brimfield
Silver heart box from Pottery Barn

My favorite frame with my favorite little boy : )

The top of my armoir.....gotta love a horse head in your bedroom!!

New favorite pic....scored this at Christmas Tree Shoppe for $4!!!!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Something about dried roses....

There is something about dried flowers...especially roses...that I just adore. Here is a few roses I dried over last weekend and am thinking about putting them in a mason jar...just to stare at : )
Enjoy this beautiful Friday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brimfield and My Besties!

I promised I would share the rest of the photos from here it goes....
Can't believe I have to wait until May to go again : (
COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH THIS DISPLAY!!!This is just one side and kind of had to take a hidden pic...shhh

How cool are all these rusted tin animals and statues....very funky.

This lemonade was delightful after sweating like a beast on a 85 degree day!!!!!

I know you have seen this already, but at this point, the whole suitcase was filled with stuff : )

By far, the best donuts in Brimfield, Ma.!!!!!!

The two sisters and the best friends a girl can ever ask for.

First visit to Wooberry Frozen Yogurt. Can you believe how many toppings they had!!!So yummy !!!
Hope you have a great Thursday!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glitter Candle Obsession Has Begun!

Every year, at the start of the holidays, I become obsessed with glitter candles. There is something about them that is just so glamorous and makes me happy : ) They can brighten up any boring room and just add a bit of "Fab" to any table or pillar. Here are two of my favorite glitter candles....have the red and white ones come out around stock up!!!!!

Saw these at the $1 store and almost fell over! Knew they would be a great fit in my empty rustic bowl I have been looking to fill with something pretty.

Going to add some pumpkins and then we got the perfect fall bowl : )
Green Glitter!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Brimfield Purchases!!!!!!

Ok! Can we say that I am still trying to breathe from excitement about my second visit to the Brimfield Flea Market!!!!!!!Not only did I get the best stuff, but got to see my to Besties afterwards!!! (more pics of them to follow) Some of the same vendors were there from last time, so I knew exactly what tents I wanted to see. Here are some of my favorite purchases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 beautiful pins that I will find something fancy to do with lol

OBSESSED WITH THIS SUITCASE! Go right on the stack of my others I own : ) $6 baby!

Who does not remember playing tennis with these rackets when you were a child??? Planning on hanging them up just like how they are placed...

An old milk can...doesn't everyone need one?

This may be a Christmas present for someone but had to post it...just so cool.

Burlap Coffee Bag....will end up a pillow

I'm not too sure what these old foot shoe thingies are called but is going to look great once I display it.

Old Copper tea pot and old beat up Garden Encyclopedia.....$7 score for both!!!

Feeder scooper turned coffee scooper....been looking for one of these for a while to scoop my coffee : )
I'M SO OBSESSED WITH EVERY PURCHASE!! Need to find time over the weekend to decorate!!
Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I died and went to heaven...I mean Brimfield AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone! Yup, I did it again. Conquered the Brimfield Flea Market again! So much amazing stuff and I brought back some pretty lovely things! Can't wait to share them! Happy Saturday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things....Teacups!

Morning! I wanted to share the beginning of my teacup collection with you. There is something about them that just screams PRETTY! Here is a few of my favorite teacups.
From Homegoods

This is my fav one! I bought it at the Mohonk House (one of my favorite vacations) and it has a little side plate attached to it for scones.
The little one on top of it was a favor from my bridal shower from 5 years ago.

Dandelion teapot from my Mom for my 30th bday

With the matching cups : )
Can't wait to add to the collection! The simplest things can make you so happy. Enjoy your Thursday!