Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brimfield and My Besties!

I promised I would share the rest of the photos from here it goes....
Can't believe I have to wait until May to go again : (
COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH THIS DISPLAY!!!This is just one side and kind of had to take a hidden pic...shhh

How cool are all these rusted tin animals and statues....very funky.

This lemonade was delightful after sweating like a beast on a 85 degree day!!!!!

I know you have seen this already, but at this point, the whole suitcase was filled with stuff : )

By far, the best donuts in Brimfield, Ma.!!!!!!

The two sisters and the best friends a girl can ever ask for.

First visit to Wooberry Frozen Yogurt. Can you believe how many toppings they had!!!So yummy !!!
Hope you have a great Thursday!!!