Friday, September 19, 2014

Project Nursery

Joe and I are blessed to say that we are 33 1/2 weeks pregnant with a girl. This is more than a blessing. It's a miracle and my best DIY project yet :)

I could not wait to start thinking of how we were going to decorate the nursery. I'm not into pink EVERYWHERE but a blush pink, ivory, and a hint of rustic would do the trick.

Our first purchase was the armoire that I am obsessed with and still need to organize. This was bought from a local furniture store in Nyack that I am in love with. Very pricey, but I know we will have this piece of goodness for a lifetime.

Next, was the rug. I wanted something with a pattern and Land of Nod had the perfect pattern of stripes and the perfect blush pink color.

A new light fixture was next on our checklist of nursery items to purchase. I never changed a light fixture before but I know how it makes such an impact in a light colored room. I went ahead and made our first purchase with Joss & Main. Besides receiving the wrong instructions on how to install, we were very pleased with the final product. Can't beat the price too!

The dresser and crib add the perfect shade of neutral to the room. The crib transforms into a toddler bed so one less thing to have to purchase for her a few years down the road. (Will send pics of the room fully done once the furniture is delivered)

Loving This Furniture! Can't Wait For It To Arrive!
Joss & Main Light Fixture

Land of Nod 8 x 10 Rug

DIY Wall Art
I Already Arranged A Little Vignette Of Pretty Things

They Are Waiting For Her Arrival!

Just One Angle of Her Room Full Of Gifts For Her :)

Obsessed With This Blanket (Got 2...1 As A Back-up If It Gets Ruined)
The Amazing Hutch That I Would Live In If I Fit!
Can't wait to share more projects & stories with you.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Past Fall Home Decor Projects & Inspiration

Who doesn't think Fall is the best time of year? Pretty one. Warm apple cider, a faux fur blanket, and baking are some of what I love about Fall. Fall decorating blows every other season in NY away. The neutral colors and the pops of natural earthy elements are my obsessions with decorating in Fall. I wanted to share some past Fall decorating projects with you and some inspiration via Pinterest. I have not started to decorate for Fall yet (will explain why in post to follow) but can't wait to get creative for this season. Happy Early Fall and can't wait to see all your fall projects!
Wreath found in thrift store for $1.
One of my favorite white pitchers from a thrift store for $1.50. Dried hydrangeas from my old garden.
Faux pumpkin and garland from Homegoods.

I would live in this little home : ) How amazing are the surrounding gardens and pumpkin patches???

I am so looking forward to painting and getting crafty with some pumpkins! (last 3 pictures were found via pinterest)

Enjoy this day,


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Wedding

I have been blessed in so many ways this past year. I could have never imagined that I would have the opportunity to meet such a gentle soul in a man and be able to call him my husband.

We decided to chose 7.27.14 as our wedding day. Small and intimate is what we were aiming for since this was both our second marriages and we wanted this day to be about the love we have for each other...and nothing else. My wheels began spinning about all the vintage décor I wanted to incorporate in the ceremony and the small reception after. The anxiety of how am I going to "treasure hunt" all these amazing architectural pieces I had envisioned and painting projects I would take on....and then I remembered....the few hours of our celebration...was to focus on us and our love and nothing else.

Of course, I still got creative, but with simplistic ideas. I decided I wanted to do the flowers, including my bouquet, Joe's corsage, and the two center pieces that stood on the tables of our brunch celebration.

We both have a love for music and I had the idea to incorporate a violinist during our ceremony and brunch for a dash of serenity and class. It was the perfect touch to an unforgettable day.

The venue, violinist, photographer, my dress/shoes/jewelry, hair stylist/make up artist, and the choice to have our parents and siblings only, were all decided and planned in one day. The day was simple, elegant, and about our love for one another.

Can you even stand the architecture of the gazebo???? Love.

The vintage pins were found years ago at a flea market and was the perfect touch for this special day.

A vintage clutch I used as décor for a party last year. It added great texture as an accessory to my dress.

DIY Flowers

I fell in love with this headband from Anthropologie and was gifted to me by a friend. If you know be by now, I am not into the traditional element of things. I love that I can use this as an every day piece as well.

Thank you for sharing in the memories of this special time in our lives.

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