Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Headboard Makeover

This may be the winner for thrifty DIYs of Soiledrotten! : )
When I moved into my new place a few months ago, I had no choice but to bring this ugly black bed with me. I knew it would be the only bed I owned that would fit though the narrow doorways in my building. For months, I draped a faux fur pillow over the headboard to hide the ugly black slits that the bed has. Last week, right before I went to bed, I had an idea. (Th ideas often come before or after bed) I had an egg crate on the bed to make it extra comfy, but I could do without. I decided to cut the egg crate to the size if the ugly black slits and then go shopping. I wanted to pick some sort of fabric that would match the toile curtains. I came across a gorgeous bath towel in Target and figured "why not?" I attached the towel to the egg crate and this is the final product.

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