Friday, June 28, 2013

Side table swap with Lady Baltimore

It's Friday! I hope you all have great plans for he weekend!
As we know by now, I have a true love for vintage suitcases. The Lady Baltimore suitcase was one of my first purchases at th first visit to Brimfield. Not only did I love the color, but I love what I found inside. There is an antique hair pin that I wish I could only know the history behind where it came from, time period, and who even wore it?? So awesome! This is what I love about old things with a story behind it. Anyways, I switched the suitcases around to make them a useable side table along with storage. Love! You can click on the images for a larger view...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supporting the Etsy peeps!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my recent purchase with you guys from Etsy! Lately, I am big in supporting the smaller mom and pop companies because I know how much work it takes to makes something special. So....I purchased two pillows from Pottery least five years ago....that were impossible to find new pillow covers for. The pillows measure 26 x 26 and I am not spending another $100 each in a cover from PB. I knew custom was the only option. So, I came across this awesome pattern with Pillowmatic on Etsy and within the week..the pillows are here. I love them and they give me a reason to change things up in the living room...again: )

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gypsy Farmhouse

Not only do I love the town where I live, but I keep finding these stores that are Montclair's best kept least for me : ) Gypsy Farmhouse (actually in Cedar Grove) far exceeded my expectation! A house full of tons of junk and most of the pieces are from the Amish in Lancaster, Pa. I ended up only buying a piece of salvaged wood that I made the "farm" sign with. (See below)
I can't wait to get back to this store. Friendly staff and great junk equals my heaven!
Sign that I made from salvaged wood

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fresh flowers for a fresh week

Happy Monday! I am happy to say that I am glad the weekend is over and time for a new week. I have continued my NYE resolution of always having fresh flowers in my home, so figured I would share this weeks lavender roses. Nothing is better than waking up and smelling the roses!
I have so many projects in the works. More to follow..enjoy the day!

The vintage medicine bottle from Brimfield : )

Friday, June 14, 2013

An Industrial Birthday Gift

I'm so excited to share this special gift with you. My brother is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow and I wanted to giv him a special gift. He is the type of person that has everything so he s impossible o shop for. I figured I would make something...thoughtful for him. So, the industrial letters and fish paper from yesterday's post.....was for him. Here is the final product! (He already has seen it)
He has owned a restaurant in Nj called The Bouwerie for the past few years and made this for there. All vintage mismatched letters : )
Keith....birthday boy

New logo and New Blog Here to Stay

It is time for the weekend! Happy Father's Day to some of you bloggers : )
I am sooooo excited to share the new logo that I had designed for SoiledRotten. It has been a work in progress but this is now the beginning of many more new opportunities. I adore the new logo and site and hope you do too! Thank you for all you always xoxo
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My New Montclair Fave.....Parcel

Parcel is my new heaven! I hav been wanting to visit this store for some time now and finally got around to it on Monday. The store is just full of creativity and I could not focus on only one thing at a time. The shop owners were lively and extremely helpful. I wish I had hours to spend sifting through the small items that I could definitely come up with some really great projects with. To know tha I am within walking distance of this store...can be dangerous! : )
Don't you love the light fixture n the window!
You can visit them at

I just adored all the ribbon!

I ended up buying this really cool paper and some vintage letters. Project in the works : )

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Window curtain now tablecloth

So, I am not going to lie! I have put these curtains up with 3M adhesive hooks that fall down every day!! I refuse to put anymore nails in the wall as a renter so it was time to think of something new. The blinds that came with my place are open all day long. Therefore, it works with what is there now. I loved the pattern of the window curtain so I decided to switch it up and use it as a tablecloth. Love the way it came out once I set the table. Work with what you have! I am not into the matchy stuff so i alternated glasses. Here is the end result:

Hydrangea Love

There is nothing more beautiful to me than flowers...especially hydrangeas! I could not believe the trio of colors I found and without a doubt knew I had to have them. I had the perfect teapot to put them in and was unsure of which room they would compliment. They ended up on the pile of old suitcases and was the total "pick me up" for the living room : ) Featuredd now at Wow Us Wednesdays!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Potty Trained?

Happy Monday! Last week, my grandmother gave me a bowl that I thought was just adorable. She proceeded to tell me that this bowl was used to potty train my Dad, Aunt, and Uncle. I'm not sure if I was grossed out or thought that it was too cute that she held onto this bowl for this long. So, right away I started to think of what I can do with it. I don't have the luxury of a garden any longer, being that I am in an apartment. So, why not bring the garden inside?! I purchased three small Ivy plants from King and this is the end result. Not let's see how long before I kill them : )

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thinking outside the court

I have had these racquets since the last summer Brimfield trip. I love them but am very hesitant about hanging anything on my walls in my apartment because I would have to fix it before I leave. (Kinda sounds lazy) So, when I was  moving around the furniture the other day, I came up with an alternative idea. I took the DIY vase I had made a few months ago and threw the beat up racquets in it. Gave the kitchen a cute look.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Organized Swap

The embarrassing "Before"
Good Morning! If you don't know by now, I get bored very easily. I get tired of the same look....usually after 4 months. I am usually the type that always has to b organized o I can't function, but th other day. Noticed my room was being taken over by shoes! I will admit I may have. Shoe problem, but m room needs to accommodate that : ). I quickly came up with the solution of switching the living room bookcase with the side table I had in my bedroom and this is how it came out.
Bookcase in living room 
Now in bedroom. So organized! Love it.

                                             Rustic side table from bedroom replaced bookcase

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Re-purposed Twig Pillars

So...I have had these twig balls for quite a while. I have used them for party decor and was going to hang them from my ceiling, but had a better idea. I had two candle holders that I just love and decided to get creative. I put the twig spheres on the holders and loveeee how they came out!!
Kind of reminds me of a Golden Globe but I love them! : )

Monday, June 3, 2013

$3 DIY Sweet Pea Foot Stool

Happy Monday! I just love living in a building where everyone throws their garbage out in the same place because you never know what you will find! I found four white furniture legs that I knew I could make something with. After purchasing the tufted chase...I realized that I did not have a small table to put my coffee on when sitting on it. This created the idea of a foot stool. This sweet pea green color is my new fav and love how the final product came out. Works perfect and only cost me $3!

I bought the wood piece from Michaels.
I took scotch tape and marked the stripes.
I used a hair color paint brush...only cause I had one laying around : )

I glued the legs on with wood glue and tada!
Only $3!
Enjoy the day.
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