Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bedroom Tour: Part 3 Favorite Corner

Welcome to our Bedroom Tour: Part 3. In the past, I shared my Favorite Corner-s HERE. This corner has had a little makeover and lies in the back left corner of our bedroom. I love this area and hope you enjoy it too!

Pillow Swap!
Our dresser that stands to the left of the tufted chaise.



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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bedroom Tour: Part 2: Craft Corner for $150

I'm so happy that you enjoyed Part 1 of yesterday's Bedroom Tour but Part 2 is beyond my favorite! I have been dying for the past few years to have my own craft area in my home. I have moved to 3 different apartments in the past 3 years and I finally took the plunge and added a "craft corner" to our current apartment. I know that my family and I will only be living in our current apartment for the next year or so, so I did not want to "go big and permanent" in our space. This corner is just right for me. I took an empty area of the bedroom and added my desired space to store all my paint supplies and crafting accessories. 

I love it. I worked with pieces of furniture I owned.I spent no more than $150. It works and I wake up feeling inspired.

I plan on added a mood board to the right under "PAINT." I am working on a post with all the details but for now, I wanted to share this awesome area with you!

The Before

Another Before

The Craft Corner lies to the right of our bed. It fits just perfect.

Mason jars for craft supplies.

Stacked boxes and luggage for a laptop table. There is room for storage in each item.

Wrapping paper covered the walls of this area. It is held up by thumb tacks an ribbon for a clean edge. Wrapping paper was only $1.50 a roll and still had some left over.

My favorite chair that has stayed with me through all my moves. Love the chippy look!

This shelf is a work in progress but it is enough space to hold all my paint.

When I do a room makeover, I am realistic with my decisions. I always craft or paint in a large area which is usually the kitchen table. For now, this area is to store all my creative things and blog.
Thank you for checking out my Craft Corner.
Happy Day!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bedroom Tour: Part 1

Hi There! I finally saw some sun in our bedroom and thought it was the perfect time for some updated photos. The bedroom is pretty small so I have to share the tour in three different parts since each corner of the room has different functions. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Small Space Living Solution: A Traveling Table

Small space living requires dual purpose furniture....for sure! Our living room has been taken over by oversized baby furniture and chairs that we had to rearrange the room. I am used to having free range of rearranging furniture to my liking...usually on a monthly basis :)....but now I must make our home suitable for our sweet baby girls and her belongings too.

I sat down one morning and went to put down my cup of coffee and realized that there was no table to rest my mug on. We had removed the old white chippy painted table to make room for an oversized gray tufted rocker. (which I just love) The side tables to the green couch are used for our pretty little things are really not functional at all. I now had to put my thinking cap on and think of how we can find a table that could be easily moved in between the chair and couch and was not overwhelmingly large. Tada! Homegoods had the perfect table with wheels for our drinks to rest! It was the perfect size and wherever my husband and I decide to sit and enjoy a glass of wine....the table rolls with us :)

Our living room prior to our daughter.

A tufted gray chair has replaced the blue one.

Perfect table for placing my morning coffee :)

Best purchase I have made so far in this home!
Happy Day!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Anthropologie Inspired/DIY Valentine's Day Decorating

It makes me happy to decorate for holidays now after having our baby girl. Every holiday since October has been extra special with her in our lives, but Valentine's Day has a deeper meaning of love this year.

We all love a good craft project every now and then, but when you can add some holiday excitement to something you already own, it makes it look and feel even better than store bought! Right?!

I found this heart garland at Michael's craft store and thought it would look sweet placed somewhere in our home. After playing around with it for a few minutes, I found it a home wrapped around the wreath I recently hung in the living room.

Here are some hearts I have used to decorate with 2 Valentine's Days ago. I had the idea to use the leftover letters used from the Project Nursery post. Click HERE for Project Nursery post.

The letters are very Anthropologie like! I love them! They are stickers so I just placed them on the hearts and they stayed perfect.

The flowers and vase were another DIY project. I fancied up the red mason jar with the "C" for our last name and the roses were a sweet gift from the husband :)

Loving this twig bouquet! It added the perfect red color I was looking for without screaming "IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY!"
(Also a gift from my husband :)

Hoping you all your homes are filled with love this Valentine's Day.

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