Thursday, February 5, 2015

Small Space Living Solution: A Traveling Table

Small space living requires dual purpose furniture....for sure! Our living room has been taken over by oversized baby furniture and chairs that we had to rearrange the room. I am used to having free range of rearranging furniture to my liking...usually on a monthly basis :)....but now I must make our home suitable for our sweet baby girls and her belongings too.

I sat down one morning and went to put down my cup of coffee and realized that there was no table to rest my mug on. We had removed the old white chippy painted table to make room for an oversized gray tufted rocker. (which I just love) The side tables to the green couch are used for our pretty little things are really not functional at all. I now had to put my thinking cap on and think of how we can find a table that could be easily moved in between the chair and couch and was not overwhelmingly large. Tada! Homegoods had the perfect table with wheels for our drinks to rest! It was the perfect size and wherever my husband and I decide to sit and enjoy a glass of wine....the table rolls with us :)

Our living room prior to our daughter.

A tufted gray chair has replaced the blue one.

Perfect table for placing my morning coffee :)

Best purchase I have made so far in this home!
Happy Day!

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