Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Touches

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe the week is halfway over, but ready do my trip to Arizona this weekend! Anyways, last weekend I added a few Spring touches to my place. Th living room was looking dull and I am just living the new mint color that is trending. My favorite purchase was the frame from Homegoods!

Tulips make everything better! Enjoy your day! 

Monday, April 8, 2013 online order ever!

It is not often that I write about anything negative, but have to let the word out about this company.
I posted the blog post "Bringing Sexy Back" a few months ago showing a white velvet tufted chaise I ordered for myself. I was so excited for it to come, until it was back ordered so many times, I forgot about it. I decided it would be best to get a whole new sofa, instead of the chaise, and decided to cancel my chaise order with I called and the woman gladly cancelled my order. Two weeks later, I get another email saying that the chaise was still back ordered, which shows me the order was never canceled. Call number 2 to cancel the order again......woman said sure and I requested that an email be sent to me with the order being canceled. That never happened. A week later, I get an email saying my chaise has been shipped. This nightmare continued on and on for weeks and the order showed up to the lobby of my apartment building. I not only went through all of this, but was then told that I was not allowed to return my order because it was custom. Lets think about this...if it was custom, why was it back ordered? Not only was it custom, I am now out of $500. This story continues, but honestly, you could not pay me to buy from this company again. I assembled the piece myself and now will make it my "blogging thrown" but think before u purchase from!
Now I said my peace : )

Friday, April 5, 2013

Another favorite candle

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a new fav. Green Tea Sage candle from Target. I love a light scent that doesn't make your whole home on smell overload. This candle is perfect for the summer with just a hint of green tea scent. $12.99....can't beat it : )