Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A 50 cent repurpose!

Rise and shine! I have been excited to share this tiny repurpose that I did for 50 cents! I am uncertain to what I am going to put in it yet, but just love the way it came out.
Originally....a candle.

I took the remaining wax out and painted away with a pretty pink I bought from Michael's for 50 cents!

I'm thinking a hair tie holder : ) 
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remember that Anthropologie shower curtain?

Hey guys! Remember that Anthro shower curtain my brother gave me for Christmas??? Well here it is and it's not in the bathroom..
Yup! It's on my bed. The pattern and ruffles are way to pretty to get wet and moldy! Love the way it brought texture to my bedroom! You would never know its a shower curtain!

Monday, January 28, 2013

It is time to introduce the one and only!

Hi everyone! I have been doing a million things lately with Soiledrotten and what turned out to be a "just for fun" hobby is turning into some creative adventures! My brother had mentioned the other day that I should introduce my life to you all...not just my home here it goes!
I am going to start with my other mini half...ANDRE! Those of you that know this lil man knows that the small body can be mistaken. He is not the nicest Yorkie but the love of my life and makes me laugh everyday.
This 10 year old boy will soon have his own section on Soiledrotten......along with other new exciting projects!
Do you have any pics of your animals! Would love to see!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

An impulsive buy..years ago ...finally fits in

Happy Almost Monday! I wanted to share this little church candle holder I bought years ago and never really worked in my old home. I was going I see if any of my girlfriends wanted it until I brought it in my new place and lit a tea light. Love the way it works with the weathered horse head. Why do candles just make everything better?!

A good Pinterest idea

Good Morning! I wanted to share a small project that saved me big space. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it. With apartment living, it is a headache to hammer nails in the wall because you would have to fix it before you move out. I am HUGE on the 3M adhesive hooks lately. So...with that in mind...I had an empty basket laying around, a piece of ribbon, and an extra adhesive hook. This is what I came up with.
An empty basket

Tweezer helped get the ribbon through the small slots in the basket

Yay! Toilet paper storage! I hate when TP is picked on the floor next to the toilet!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm in makeover heaven!

You can not leave me in the house alone, sick, with projects, because I'm unstoppable! I seriously have a problem where my brain keeps decorating....even in my sleep! My latest project was picked out if the garbage for free. I have left the natural wood for a while because it was rustic-like..but I had enough. I'm bored of it and its ready for a makeover! I use this piece for storage of my sweatshirts and sweatpants for lazy days....and I got tired of seeing them piled up through the glass. So I took an extra pillow case from new Ralph Lauren sheets I got..that I LOVE and incorporated it into the scheme. Here is the before and after. My most proudest project yet!
Partying over at

Pillowcase...after I cut it.

Just an FYI.. The whitish mark on the top right is a glare..not paint.

Hope you like it!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Making use of extra fabric

It's the weekend! And I feel lousy, so why not continue being creative and reading flea market magazines. (My idea of amazing Friday night) I know you have recently seen the new toile curtains I out up in my bedroom.

Well, these curtains came with tie backs but they eventually fall off because they are too big for the curtain. So, that means extra fabric and a reason to use it. I wrapped the tie back around a bolster pillow on my bed and it was a great way of bringing the pattern on to the bed. So easy and fun!
: )

Here I come Haven!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

God Bless America....and this flag

Happy Almost Friday! I has to share this find that I purchased two weeks ago. This American flag has. Vintage feel with its 100 percent cotton bunting. It goes perfect with the red rocking chair I redid and the burlap pillows, but think it is time I start selling some stuff. If not, you will see me on Hoarders soon!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lush over you

Who doesn't get excited about gifts......especially when it's from LUSH??? My mom handed me a bag from LUSH filled with all new products that I have not tried yet. Bath balls, hair balm, lip balm...don't know which stuff to try first.
 Has anyone ever tried any of these Lush products?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm a little teapot all glammed up!

I have been so busy lately getting ready or our February party and wanted to share one of the repurposes for the event. I found this old copper teapot in Brimfield last summer. I shined it up and added some pretty girly detail and use it for a vase. Love the character and the old detail in this small piece. Have a great Wednesday!

Vintage charm for $20

You know that I am always in the lookout for amazing pieces with history! Over the weekend I came across this amazing mirror and couldn't resist.....especially for $20! I usually repurpose everything I find, but this mirror is just so pretty the way it is. I love wondering where its home was before mine
 : )

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Repurposed and Bzzzzzzing with Beauty

It is a new week and been dying to show you a project I did over the weekend. These ideas just come to me out of nowhere and I have learned I just have to do them before I forget it. I am sure you be already seen the bee vase and distressed would candlestick in old posts. Both of these pretty things were just sitting around the new place with no purpose. The candlestick only holds an awkward sized candle and the vase is one if many I own. I love the burlap too much on the vase to let it sit in a cabinet, so the next best thing is to glue them together and make a free standing vase! It gives great height into the room and adds such a pretty pop of color with the flowers. I love this!!

Have a great day!

Candle turned cotton ball storage

Hi everyone! Lately, I have been extremely conscious about my purchases. I do not buy anything unless it can be transformed into something else. I only buy candle that come in great packaging because I know it can eventually be repurposed. I saw this candle jar (was a green candle inside) on clearance at Homegoods for $6. I loved the jar and of course love I bought it. I ended up needed something to put cotton balls on, so tada...

Ribbon makes everything better : )

Friday, January 18, 2013

Amazing and unexpected pick!

So I just happened to be walking passed a children's thrift store and something told me to check it out .( I just need an excuse to go in any thrift store) I saw this piece  BEAMING in the corner all by its lonesome and I just had to get it! Now the question use it for the party or sell it...hmmm

I'm obsessed!


Happy Friday! Wherever I have lived....I have always put either a cross by my bed or old Mass cards under my mattress to always feel protected. I know....prob sounds crazy but it works!
For the last five years, I have discretely put a Buddha in every room to have the same feeling if protection. I usually forget where I put them so when they are noticed in a corner of a room, it is a sweet reminder that I feel protected. Here are three I saw this morning..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Antique Farmhouse in my bedroom

Good Morning! I wanted to share my first purchase from Antique Farmhouse and my first purchase when I knew I was moving! I have a thing for angel wings but when I saw that these were wood.....I had to have them. They are the first thing I see when I wake up and I just love them!
I honestly though they would be bigger but what could I expect for $39? Still love them!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chippy and Bright

Hey everyone! I was recently given this beautiful mirror from one of my favorite people who had asked me to have fun with that is just what I did.
This is the original version. 

I planned on keeping it white after I distressed it but the white was too boring.

So I spiced it up with a soft yellow and chipped some of the paint to still keep I distressed.

Perfect for an entryway! 

Making use of your storage decor

I love a good pattern especially when it has two purposes! I bought this mini trunk from homegoods years ago and still love it. I brought it with me to my new place with the idea of putting blankets or sheets in it since closet space is limited. I decided to keep it in the living room for the love of the pattern and stocked some of my crystal glasses in it.

I added my favorite bicycle iron planter on the box and just love the look!
Hope you have a warm cozy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Decorating with a bird nest

There is something about bird's nests to me that make a home feel cozy. I live when Easter comes around because you can find plenty of Robin's eggs to have fun with in your home. I recent,yfound this   scale at an antique shop for $25! Bargained it down to $15 and I just love the way it fits in my kitchen! Take a look...
The scale is an old baby it! Hope you have a great day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Christmas Repurpose

When shopping for Christmas ornaments the year, I made sure I picked ones that I knew I can use to decorate with all year round. I had shopped at Kohl's for the first time and fell in love with their ornament selection! I opdecided to purchase only five ornaments since I was moving right before Xmas and had purchased only a mini tree. This is how I repurposed three of the ornaments.
Love this little heart that lays on top of a faux feathered wreath.

The small twig star adds charm to the blanket ladder.