Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Home Feels Like Fall

This is the first Fall season in a while that I actually unpacked my favorite Fall decorations and put them to use. I have moved three times in the past two years and finally feel settled enough to make our current place "our home". Nothing beats the smell of an Autumn Spice candle, the look of all different types of pumpkins, and a great vignette with an old DIY wreath project.

The smell of this candle is like heaven.

DIY wreath project...may have even been my first Pinterest project.

Apartment living is tough when you are used to decorating a yard. Make the best use of the hallway space leading to your home.

Great Fall mat from Christmas Tree Shoppe for $3.99!

Caddy cornered some Fall garland and gifted pumpkins in our stairway. My favorite part of decorating this Fall.
Happy October!