Monday, August 18, 2014

My Favorite Corner-S

I have moved three times in the past two years and seem to find a favorite spot in each home. For some odd reason, my favorite spot always ends up being in a corner of a room somewhere....tucked away where I can curl up with a blanket and take a moment of "me time".
In my first NY apartment, this was my favorite corner 
I loved this corner filled with my favorite vintage finds mixed with newer accessories.

In our current home, my new favorite corner lies in our bedroom. The white comfy tufted chaise is my favorite piece of furniture. I love to swap out the pillows constantly for a continuously new look.
I was given this denim screen to do something fun with before it was thrown out in the trash. I love it and it adds shape to the bedroom. I'm thinking of using it as a picture holder, but want to add more detail to it before I add some pictures.
Hope you had a great weekend!