Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Initial Charms

The best ideas seem to always come to meet when I am shopping for other projects. I always get completely overwhelmed when walking into an art supply or craft store. It is as if my creative side starts overflowing. I love it!
This may have been my favorite last minute DIY thought. I think the whole trend of "initial jewelry" is so cute and intimate. You can wear your initial, your kids, your husbands, boyfriend, whatever. It makes a simple and cute statement.
With that said, I decided to purchase a package of 3 empty charms. I added the initials myself and within 30 seconds...they were finished and I love them. The necklaces that I bought for them were too big to fit into the charm hole. I will show you the finish product with the new rope once I pick them up. Hope you have a great day!
For me : )

For my friend and her husband : )