Friday, July 19, 2013

The Tale of the Horse Knocker

Three plus years or so, I went on my first trip to Ft. Worth, Texas. Not only did I totally fall in love with the state, but I fell in love with a purchase I made in the Stockyards. I know this probably sounds crazy to some, but when the average person is looking for souvenirs, I am looking for home decor. Things I can buy and turn into something else. So, when I saw this horse knocker....I knew I had to have it. Crazy, right? I was a homeowner at the time, but my front door did not mesh with this knocker. Now, that I am a part of the apartment living society (lol)...the horse head continues to stay with me..but not attached to anything. I love the rustic finish and the color. I think it is time for this horse to be mounted as a towel holder....until I buy my next home. Until then, I love this self splurge no matter where it is! : )

Happy Friday!!!!