Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY School Bag to Pillow

A Betsy Johnson leopard bag was my first gift to going away to college back in 2000. Never was I ever so ready to tackle FIT in New York with a more fashionable bag. I used this bag for everything....books....pocketbook....last minute sleepover did it all.

This bag was one item I could never part with. When I decided to go back to school in 2010, I resorted back to this old leopard bag. Unfortunately, my books were too heavy it and it began to rip. As I saw the first sign of a tiny tear, my mind went to work.

I knew it was something I wanted to use for a DIY project. This bag has been with me since 2000 and helped me reach my educational goals in a fab manner :) I wanted to keep it around to remember my proud accomplishments.

My final decision was to create a pillow from it. Leopard print is always a great way to add a little statement to a basic colored room. So, I brought out the hem tape and was ready for the DIY pillow challenge.

To my surprise, I stuffed the old memory with a small pillow insert I had laying around. I zipped the bag shut, cut the straps off, and did not even need the hem tape! I love the way it came out. A great memory that I can continuously glance at during the day. A quick reminder to keep on setting goals for myself.

Happy Monday :)

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