Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Graduation Party Centerpieces

Happy Almost Tuesday!:)

I have been so excited thinking about sharing these DIY centerpieces with you. Most of you know from previous posts that I graduated college with a BA degree in December. This was one of my most important accomplishments in my life so far, but also an excuse to throw a party!

It was more important to me to spend most of the budget on the entertainment, so I put my DIY hat on and went to work on the centerpieces.

I worked with what I had....

With the party being in December, I had tons of extra Christmas ornaments. I loved the vibrant colors and knew they would look pretty awesome when the lights of the room shined on them.

I purchased the flowers from a local supermarket and cut them all myself. All the flowers cost $40 total. I only purchased the black glitter graduation hats from Party City.


Wa...La! (Sorry for the clarity of the picture...this was the best I could do from my phone :) )
Happy DIY-ing!