Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another Ann Sloan and MMS Makeover

Happy Saturday!

The sun is finally shining and there are a million projects I want to share with you...but let's start with my fave.

This "piece of goodness" was found on the side of the room. It was originally painted with a fire engine red color and nails sticking out of it every which way. I really liked the way it looked being red, but definitely too dangerous with all the nails and the chippy paint. So, I got to work. I first painted it white, but did not like the way it came out. So I was able to use my grandfather's old sander and was ready to try a new/old color of Ann Sloan's Paint that I have used on a previous shelf project.
A little sanding, removal of nails, and some good paint, did this little table good!


AFTER: Distressed the table with MMS Antiquing Wax that I just love!

Enjoy the weekend :)

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