Monday, September 9, 2013

"Before" and "Half Way After Bedroom" Makeover

Hey There!
Things are still in progress but wanted to show you a sneak peak of the bedroom....since you have seen a sneak peak of the living room : )
Grey, white, and pink seem to be the colors. I kept the same bedspread and quilt because I needed something to be of familiarity with all these moves lately. I am just going to add some different patterns of this color scheme together with fabrics and some shelving.

Here is what I have for now....

Before (Paint is not my choice)

The lace pillow was given to me by my grandma. It is a keeper!


I can not wait for this to be fixed!!!!!
BIG PROBLEMS HERE PEOPLE! Do you see how the blinds were left?? I mean really??
I decided not to buy a new bed so I am going to just do another headboard makeover similar to my old one found HERE
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