Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rustic Inspired

Happy Thursday : )
I love looking through my old design magazines to remember the reasons why I kept them around instead of throwing them out. There is nothing I love more than the old farmhouse look with new age décor meshed together. The feel of an old rustic cabin just makes me want to curl up and have hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. (Can't wait for the Fall)
I absolutely adore the pictures of this home. The way the homeowner used old vintage signs and plates for decoration is fantastic. Homes like this gives me so much inspiration and ideas. I love it!
Look at the salvaged wood above the sink! I'm obsessed. Those bar stools are amazing!

I have the same cowhide the mix of hydrangeas and cow painting. Think this is my next place :)

Love the mix of leather and twigs. An awesome comfortable room!