Monday, July 15, 2013

Brimfield: The Lost Footage : )

Happy Monday Everyone!
I know this is long overdue but I did have some pictures from the Brimfield Flea Market in Brimfield, Ma. that I still wanted to share with you. Not only is this my favorite place to visit, but it is literally heaven on earth for antique and junk collectors. It is a bit away from NJ, but I get to see my besties and buy junk!!! Does it get any better than that???
After 2 1/2 hours...I make it to Brimfield...then the traffic began : (

Trying to make the best of the traffic by looking at some amazing buildings and architecture around the area. I would just love to restore this building! Sorry about the picture I can do from a cell phone : )
Finally made it!!!!

Lesson learned from previous Brimfield visit....bring rolling luggage for the hand held do not want to walk around carrying heavy bags on your shoulder...not fun!

And you are now entering Heaven!!!!

Look at this building!! The colors and the design are just amazing.

How did I not leave with this piece!!!!!!! Only if I had the room and a purpose for it....

Does it get any better than all of this gorgeous stuff???

Creepiest thing we saw for sale....."Foot Stool"...really?

Can't wait to share my next visit with you! Hope you enjoyed : )