Friday, January 30, 2015

Starting Fresh in NY

A friend once told me..."There is no better feeling than being a New Yorker."

I didn't get it. What was so special about living in New York?

I lived in New Jersey for the past twenty years and did not understand how a "New Yorker" could have such adoration for their home state that rested only twenty minutes from where I resided. I slowly learned what my friend was talking about.

In 2013, I was faced with some "life changes" that forced me to begin looking for my first apartment. I was young, scared, and worried about how I was going to pay my rent and bills, but I was never so ready for the challenge. I wanted to leave my New Jersey past behind and begin my this new chapter of my life as a "New Yorker".

Apartment/House hunting can be a complete headache! I was strapped for time with a busy lifestyle and my apartment hunting was solely done online. How was I going to find a trustworthy real estate agent? Will the apartment look the same in person as it did online? Hundreds of questions started taking over my mind. I look back now and wish I had known about Compass. Compass is a well organized website that is full of New York City neighborhood knowledge (click HERE for Compass neighborhood guide). The website's clean lined silhouette allows for an easy visual and feel for what each neighborhood has to offer. Compass would have helped lessen my anxiety about all that I did NOT know about New York, plus their photos are fantastic!

Moving from a decently large home in New Jersey to a small apartment in New York brought about some spatial challenges. I had so many "things" that I wanted to bring with me, but no place to put it! I had to get creative. I was forced to think "outside of the box". I found storage solutions in the most random places, but it worked. I re-purposed items so my belongings would have more than one function. My home décor became more than just a pretty piece to fancy up my new place....and I loved it. I loved every square inch of my new home and it brought out my creative side!

I now know what being a "New Yorker" feels like. The adventure that lies around me is exhilarating. The history that remains in every building one walks past is astonishing and the feeling of "home" has never felt so right.

 I am so thrilled to be able to share this new chapter in New York with my new husband and precious baby girl.

Here are some solutions for decorating in small space living:

The kitchen table also functioned as a desk.

Baskets are a great way to store blankets and dog leashes :)

Apartment living rarely allows for a yard so get creative with displaying flowers and plants.

I use old luggage as seasonal clothing storage and as a great side table!

Vintage cups work great for office supplies!

Happy Day!