Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Living Room Makeover: A Peg Board with a Story

Happy 2015!!! I may be a little late but I have a good excuse being a new Mommy of a 2 month year old. : ) Our hearts are filled with joy and a new type of love this year with our new little one but I will save that for another post ; )

I have had enough sleep to get my creative itch back! I'm so ready to take on our home with new projects and style in 2015. I started with a small makeover in our living room as my first project. I wanted to stick with a neutral color palette with a splash of green for a hint of color. I love green and could have it in every room, but really enjoy it in the living room since that is where we spend most of our time.

When I start to think about projects, I overwhelm my brain. I start writing the list of shopping items to buy, the old items I need to look for at a thrift store, and the pieces of furniture I can give a quick makeover....but this chaotic mind is not my reality anymore after having a baby. Getting the store in this freezing cold weather with a tiny infant is not a smart choice for our family, so I decided to shop my closet. Once I opened the door to shelves of stored vintage items and décor, I was smacked in the face with the most perfect item to begin the living room makeover. A peg board. It was not JUST a peg board, but my Poppa's peg board. A board that was once filled with beat up old tools that were used every day by a talented skilled carpenter who happened to be my grandfather.

Poppa lived to work. His creativity was seen in many of his projects he tackled and loved to tell stories of all his accomplishments. I think I was lucky to get a portion of his "creativity gene." After Poppa passed away, I wanted a piece of him with me. I wanted a small item from his workshop that would remind me of him at every glance. The peg board where his tools hung stood out to me. I knew I can come up with somewhere in our apartment to incorporate this special piece.

The color was perfect for the living room. The rough texture, the perfect imperfections, and the white splash of paint (done by Poppa) is the perfect arrangement for the focal point of our living room. The room is coming together slowly, but I am happy with the way it is unfolding.

Stay tuned for the completion of the room (is it every really completed?) Thank you for letting me share my story of Poppa with you.

Cheers to a year full of inspiration and memories!

**You can find our BEFORE pictures of the living room HERE