Monday, July 14, 2014

Before & After Tea Tray Makeover

Happy Monday!
Who doesn't look breakfast in bed?

I received this tea tray from Teavana as a gift last Christmas. It was a great gift idea along with an adorable tea set that just makes me smile when I use it.

However, the tray had one problem. The lacquer shiny finish would allow food or tea/coffee to slide all over the place causing spillage. You definitely do not want coffee spilling on your new white sheets! So, I had a plan.
I decided to give the tray a makeover. I used paint with a chalky finish to allow for resistance against the bottom of a cup or saucer and avoid the possibility of spilling. I used a stencil in the middle of the tray to add some colorful, yet calming design. After the makeover, the tray has a subtle warn look with a modern design. I am so happy with the "After" results.


I'm also working on posts from yesterday's Nyack Street Fair. What a success! Stay tuned :)
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