Friday, June 20, 2014


Yay for Friday! So excited to be heading back to Boston for a bachelorette party! Going to be great weather and looking forward to some girlie time.
I have been so excited to share this new piece of heaven, I mean furniture with you that I did not even edit the photos. With moving so much in the past two years, I have been trying to purge some of my old things with memories and move forward. My first rustic piece of furniture was this primitive hutch that I paid way too much money for, but adored it. I was ready to part with it. I called a local retailer to come check it out to see if he was interested....and he was.
Let's just say the armoire was always thought about, but too expensive. We decided to use credit for the hutch towards the armoire and I was just so happy knowing the armoire was coming home...I didn't even care if I got a penny for the old darn thing.
Long story short, new armoire in, and old hutch out.
Old hutch

My favorite shot of the primitive piece.
Can you just die??? I am obsessed. The chicken wire just makes the whole armoire. I'm in love and have great plans for it.
Enjoy the day.

Ps....partying over at