Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Ann Sloan/MMS Makeover: A Dog's Armoire

Happy Weekend! I'm excited to show you my latest mini makeover. :)

My Mom recently gave me a small armoire for Andre, my Yorkie, because she knows and laughs about how much clothes he has. I loved the whole idea of the little piece of furniture, but was not feeling the design of it.....or I just needed another excuse to paint and distress.


I was given a can of "Old Violet" Ann Sloan Chalk paint as a gift. (Can you even get a better gift than this?) I opened the can and was shocked to see the color I saw. I kind of panicked since it was the complete opposite color of the soft lavender I thought I would be working with.

I then remembered that this paint requires a lot of mixing and ending up with this amazing color. Phew.

This was after the first coat of paint....
Things were not looking so hot! So three coats of paint and some is the final product.

And these are only half of his clothes :)
Happy Saturday.

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