Sunday, September 1, 2013

DIY Rustic Frame Makeover with Old Curtain Art

I just live for making new rustic looking things with old objects! I am still not fully unpacked from moving, but always make the time to get creative : )

I had an old frame that I wanted to revamp. You have seen this frame before in my old post of William Sonoma Napkin Art

I was over the gold frame. I wanted something fun and bright to hang in my new home. I had a curtain from my previous apartment that I knew would look amazing in a bright frame.

Instead of buying art that a million others have....I made my own. This rustic DIY project brought a pop of color to the neutral living room. (pics to follow) Exactly what I wanted : )

Small paintbrush
White (leftover) acrylic paint
A piece of fabric (or an old curtain)
Miss Mustard Seed Antique Wax
An old sheet to paint on

Old Curtain

Tada!!!! Need to steam the fabric but you get the idea : ) Was too excited to show you to wait to iron : )

Love how the wax darkened the frame just a bit.
Happy Labor Day!