Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Decorating Inspiration with Old and New

Good Morning!
I am so happy to finally have my Internet up and running and able to download pics like a normal blogger again :  )
Before I even moved to my new apartment, I was already thinking of how I was going to decorate....I mean...that is the reason why I move so much...just another excuse to try something new : )
I incorporated my old stuff with a few new things and was so excited with what I saw! I definitely have a masculine touch when it comes to design, but I love it and it gives me a feeling of comfort.

White pitcher - Goodwill
Globe- Goodwill
Burlap- Haven Conference giveaway
Blue Patterned fabric- Haven Conference giveaway
Pillows- brought with me from old place...Homegoods
Tarnished Silver- Brimfield
Lamp and Red Lampshade - Goodwill
Scarf- Gift from Scottland : )
Faux Plant- Homegoods
Cowhide - Local Thrift Store

I found this calendar in the garbage in my apartment in Montclair. Def. going to make some art work out of these cool maps!
Happy Hump Day!