Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another thrifty idea for $3

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!
It has been a little since I have been able to post, but wanted to share this project with you....before I get back to the busy school schedule.
I found a similar idea on Pinterest a long time ago, but could not wait to actually do the craft.
Remember that toddler sweater I purchased several weeks back at Goodwill?
Here it is...

Next, I purchased a box of candles from Michael's craft store.

Third, I cut the sleeve off the sweater with a pair of scissors. I chose to purchase a toddler sweater because the sleeves were small and can fit around the diameter of the candle. I glued the loose edges to the bottom of the candle and tada! Adds a cozy feature to the candle : )
This project added up to a whopping $3! Love it.